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Fiero going to Florida!!!

September 8th, 2009 Posted in Fiero

Alright, it’s official, the Fiero will be at the REAL $2009 challenge. The donations are greatly appreciated guys, I’m really impressed and flattered that so many of you care enough to speak with your pocketbooks. I’m still shy a bit towards the transport costs, but I’ll find a way to pay for it by the time the bill comes my way. IMO, this is literally what a grassroots movement is all about, so I think it’s fitting to have the Fiero in the Grassroots Motorsports challenge. 

I booked the transporter today, the car will arrive in Orlando in the week prior to the challenge. Jessica and I have our flights booked to arrive Wednesday night and leave Monday, so we won’t miss any of the action.

I have been continuing to whip the Fiero into shape. The wiring continues to get stripped down and cleaned up, removing as much unnecessary clutter as possible. I also have my new coolant plumbing 80% done, which will free up a bunch of money in the budget and clean up under the hood. Jessica figured out how to reinstall as much of the stock interior as possible yesterday, which will help hide more of the batteries and give the car a more finished look inside. I’ve also been doing lots and lots of little details all over the car to iron out all of the details that I didn’t have time for before San Diego.

I’m hoping to have some update pictures in the next few days with “finished” under hood pictures. Of course, it’s never really finished, but it will be finished for now aside from cleaning/detailing. I was out of town for most of the weekend and will be again next weekend, so unfortunately the only way I’m making any more progress is by working on the Fiero during “second and third” shift. It ships out in ten days, so the clock is ticking…

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