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December 7th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

We have been pretty low on updates lately, partially because we have been lazy during our free time but mostly because we have been so busy that we haven’t had much free time!  Since the last update, the Fiero has garnered a lot of attention.  The most notable is making it to the New York Times:

We’ve been keeping track of the places we’ve seen the Fiero pop up and we’ll probably be making a scrap book for the Fiero soon of all the places it has shown up as well as all the pictures from building it.

I also got around to repairing the batteries and adding some battery balancing wiring recently.  The battery balancing isn’t very fancy, but it allows me to make sure my two packs are balanced before I close the contactors so I don’t burn up the inverter parts again.  The last string of batteries came from a local junkyard that gave me a great deal, better quality batteries and cheaper than I’ve been getting.  With the fresh batteries, the car is a lot more fun to drive than the half-pack I had in Florida.  Actually, with the colder outside temperatures and the fresh batteries, the front tires are really struggling for traction…I need to get something stickier on there.

I also made a big presentation to the Oregon SAE chapter recently.  It went pretty well and I got a lot of positive feedback, which was nice considering that it was 50+ automotive engineering peers judging my work.  If anybody cares, OSAE posted the presentation on their website; the presentation was fairly basic as I spoke with much greater detail than the slides indicate, but here’s a link for those interested:

Jessica and I decided we should get a few decent pictures of the Fiero with all the attention it has been getting, here are a few shots we got:



There are more in here (in full size too): 

In between all of this, we also had another 24 hour race we participated in on Halloween.  More on that soon.

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