The Adventures of Bryce and Jessica


September 24th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Bryce finally did it, and popped the question and made me the happiest woman on earth! I am so proud to be his, so honored that he chose me out of everyone, and so excited to share the rest of my life with him.

Here are the important tid-bits:

When: September 18th, 2010

Where: Ecola State Park. We took a leisurely stroll in the Volvo with the intent of going hiking on the many trails along the coast line.  I bit hook, line, and sinker.  I have been wanting to go hiking with Bryce more often, now that I am more fit, and this seemed like a great way to spend the day.  It had started to rain, but no matter, we had our Trader Joe snacks and would make the best of it.

How: After we arrived at the park, we found several trails and chose one that would take us out to a point for the best vantage of Cannon Beach.  As we left the car we could see a couple getting their wedding pictures with the gorgeous view behind them.  I said “oh how sad the rain must be ruining their special day”, oblivious to the fact this would soon be my special day too.  Bryce just smiled and we walked on.  As we got closer I could see the joy in their faces and said  “I guess it is what you make of it, right?” Bryce seemed relieved that I was in the right mind set.  Happiness is yours to make! We continued on with Kinzig dog leading the way, further along the trail until we were all alone. I wanted to stop several times but Bryce seemed anxious to continue. It didn’t strike me as that odd, so I continued on.  When we arrived at the end of the trail, it was beautiful.  A slight mist, birds flying in the wind from the steep cliff we were now standing on the edge of.  Stunning endless beaches as far as you could see.  If you have ever been to the beaches in the NW you know their beauty. Not so great for sunbathing, but stunning with rocks, cliffs and trees.  Then I realized Bryce wanted my attention again, I thought to move on.  But instead, he started to kneel.  At first I thought he was kidding, and almost told him to stop it and get up.  But as his knee got closer to the ground I realized this was real.  I shut up (for once) to hear what he had to say.  Only problem was, once I realized what was happening, i didn’t hear a thing.  Just a rush of feelings, shock, the thought of “I can’t believe its really happening!”


- Us, back in the Volvo, a little wet and a full of smiles.

I said yes, of course, and now life is a bit brighter.  It all happened so quickly, and I am still coming to the reality that we will someday be wed.  Someday, because we are obviously in no rush - nearly 6 years dating - but someday is fine with me.  Because someday, will be one day, and that is certain now.

I love you Bryce and am so thankful that you picked me.

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  2. By Julie Tart on Sep 26, 2010

    Congrats you two! Looking forward to the big day!

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