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May 4th, 2011 Posted in Car Stuff, Fiero

Long time no update!

It’s bittersweet news, but the all wheel drive Fiero hybrid has been sold.  I haven’t given it much attention lately, as I’ve been distracted with other projects.  I decided that it made sense to pass the torch to somebody else with a full head of steam and clear out some driveway space and some funds.  It went to a good home; my buddy Al who lives in Detroit and has helped me with the project along the way bought it and will be putting his electric motor and inverter into it.  I kept all the parts for the electric drive part, so it will find a home in some other cool project someday, who knows what!?!

Before the Fiero left, I did a last video of it in action to show how the controls worked and how the different driving modes worked.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pretty busy with some other projects.  I started another pretty big engine swap project on a 1972 Honda N600.  As I did with the Fiero, I’m documenting the build up over at Grassroots Motorsports:

Here are a few shots showing what kind of shenanigans to expect this time around:





This is a huge metal fabrication project, I’m trying to learn some new tricks and have a little fun doing it.  My buddy Aaron is my partner in crime on this project, we’re doing the work over at his shop.

I’ve also bought and sold a few cars since my last update, more selling than buying.  We’re down to ONLY seven cars right now:

1969 VW Bug
1988 Pontiac Fiero
2005 Saab 92X
1967 Volvo 122S Wagon
2007 Saturn Sky Redline
1972 Honda N600
2000 Honda Insight

I’ve made some intentions to get the VW back on the road this summer and the Fiero on the road by December…we’ll see if this year is the year that I stick to my intentions on those cars!

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